Hi my name's Will Hathaway.

Portland, OR -> Boston, MA

Studying physics at MIT (class of 2026)

Things I'm doing

- Building tools to augment human cognition using AI

- Trying to become a better writer

- Training for an ultramarathon

- Fighting against university administration to improve student freedom

- Helping run MIT AI Alignment

- Getting a motorcycle license


Things I believe

- Form is everything

- Always jump in the lake

- Think less.

- Think less.

- Excess in moderation

- AI will be transformative, soon, and it may not go well

- Choosing to care about silly things (especially communities) is important

- Strength before weakness

- Things used to be more hardcore


Questions I'm asking

- How long until we get transformative AI?

- Is institutional decay?

- Whether institutional decay is real?

- What are the main bottlenecks on human cognition?

- How to build good student groups?

- What makes a good software engineer?

- How do I get the most out of my classes?


Things I like

- Melodic edm

- Extreme distance running

- The desert

- Death valley national park

- RuSsIaN LiTeRaTurE

- Alpine lakes

- Pragmatism

- Motorcycles

- Urban Exploration